7 de maio de 2017

Petunia Porta-Copos Mini Mat Coasters

Quando o tempo livre é pouco, mesmo assim, sempre dá
para fazer um  Centrinho Flor Porta-Copos.

Coaster Porta-Copos---> Aqui Mais

2 comentários:

Ulrike Hartner-Okafor disse...

Hello Rose,
so beautiful crochet work, i like the purple One so much. Wonderful!
Is long i visite you , i have now a new blog, maybe you still know me as Ulli with my Blog dancing muffin , i can`t post there again. Hope you are fine , if you like visite my blog Rikarose.
Have a wonderful week. Hugs!Rikarose

ROSE disse...

Hello Ulrike!

I'm glad to see you again. I'll visit your new blog and I wish great success.

Thanks for visiting.